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Cannot access computers through Windows Explorer from the same network

This is not programming related but I want to know if someone can help me on this. I have 3 computers on my network at home. One is wired with an Ethernet cable and the other 2 (laptops) are on ...

asked 5 hours ago

Access 2003 freezing

In my unit, we have about 50 computers using Windows 8/10 and Access 2003. These Access have a lot of linked tables, but it run locally in each pc. In some random computers (+-5) the Access is ...

asked 6 hours ago

Launch the sqldeveloper.exe

When I launch the sqldeveloper application on windows 10 by double clicking on this software it shows the message unable to launch java virtual machine. How do I solve this problem?

asked 6 hours ago

Windows Aero Peek showing only title bar when minimized

Using Delphi 10 Seattle on Windows 10, as well as the Windows 10 Dark VCL Style. When the window is in its normal state, hovering over the taskbar icon shows the full window in the thumbnail. However, ...

asked 7 hours ago

Access Denied Error when uploading multiple files and one has other owner

I am developing an app to allow people to upload multiple files in a single submit. I work on Windows 10 using Apache Server 2.4, PHP 7 and MySQL 5.7. While doing tests and uploading several files I ...

asked 8 hours ago

Windows 10 email and data accessibility in technician labaratory

In case my laptop breaks and I need to take it to a technician (like motherboard problems). Can a technician see my Win10 mailbox, onedrive and my documents?

asked 13 hours ago

Connection to PC and TFS

I have some issues with connection to the our Team Foundation Server. Lets say i have computer with TFS set on it named "Computer 1". After i changed the Homegroup of "Computer 1" all of the computers ...

asked 13 hours ago

Delphi XE2 on Windows 10 can not debug (disconnected session)

My Delphi XE2 has stopped working giving error "Disconnected session" with the underneath log: [20372E20]{dbkdebugide160.bpl} Debug.TDebugKernel.msgBox (Line 5902, "Debug.pas" + 30) + $0 [...

asked 14 hours ago

.Net Managed Control in IE11 doesn't work after anniversary update

We have a control that is implemented in .Net 2.0 that is hosted on a webpage. Before the anniversary update it worked if we added the EnableIEHosting key to the registry but after the anniversary ...

asked 16 hours ago

Fiddler capture remote traffic and fiddlercore is not

I'm using windows 10 and I have installed Fiddler and it captures just fine remote traffic. But as soon as I start proxy using fiddlercore it stop capturing remote traffic but it still works fine with ...

asked 18 hours ago

MemoryManager.AppMemoryUsageLimitChanging event is not firing in Xbox UWP

Based on this link I added the events to handle memory during background execution. MemoryManager.AppMemoryUsageLimitChanging event fires on app launch. But while moving the app to background and ...

asked 21 hours ago

WPF Application Blurry on High DPI Screen on Windows 10

Do WPF applications normally scale correctly on high DPI screens out of the box (without further customisation of a manifest etc?). It was my understanding they did? Two WPF applications I have ...

asked yesterday

VB6 in Windows 10 can't Implements IDTExtensibility2

I still maintain many old VB6 applications, a few of them are ActiveX Dll that Implements IDTExtensibility2. Today I opened one of them on Windows 10, tried to run it, and the line Implements ...

asked yesterday

Rotate bitmap by code C# UWP

How can I rotate bitmap 90 degrees clockwise? I'm using next code to read an image from storage: public async void GetImage() { string filename = code + ".jpg"; Windows.Storage....

asked yesterday