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Windows 10 to Windows 10 mobile Lumia 550: DEP0001 : Unexpected Error: -1988945902

Compiling my project using Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition works fine. When it should deploy (upload) it for debug purposes to my windows phone I get: DEP0001 : Unexpected Error: -1988945902 ...

asked 8 hours ago

images and icons of firefox showing broken in windows 10

HiI have install windows 10 in my machine. after installing WIN-10 i am facing a trouble. when i install firefox, all the icons and images of firefox showing broken. and even when i am click on WIN-10 ...

asked 9 hours ago

Embed Time to MediaCapture Element in UWP

I'm using MediaCapture element for video capturing in UWP. However, I cannot find how can I embed this time element (Screenshot is available at here) to the video. I'm using a Dispatcher to tick and ...

asked 10 hours ago

Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Unsigned Driver

We're developing a mini-filter driver for Windows 10. Until the anniversary update, we were able to move windows to Test mode and run our unsigned driver for debugging before releasing a version. As ...

asked 11 hours ago

Windows 10 syncs data to other PC automatically

I have a strange issue with my home network setup, maybe someone of you have already experienced this and know an solution to it. I have two PCs with an clean windows 10 OS installed connected to my ...

asked 15 hours ago

WPF Desktop App, Windows 10 Notification Toast 2016 (UWP Community Toolkit)

I'm trying to display Windows 10 Toasts with my WPF C# Desktop application. Sadly the API and general support concerning Windows 10 notifications in non-UWP or Store apps seems pretty limited and ...

asked 15 hours ago

Installing Angular-CLI on Windows 10

<p>I had installation issues of angular-cli on Windows 10 system. The errors were related to Python dependencies and node-gyp. Something as below :</p> <pre> >execSync@1.0.2 ...

asked 15 hours ago

Connect Cisco AnyConnect VPN with Python automatically

I'm desperately trying to write a script to connect with Cisco AnyConnect on Windows 10 with Python. I already tried using Pexpect/Winpexpect and the subprocess module but nothing from that was able ...

asked yesterday

How to solve “Windows - Application Error” for Windows 10?

I kept my desktop machine running 24/7, and use it through Remote Desktop Connection most of the time. Lately, I have been experiencing auto-log-off every half a day, meaning that when I reestablish ...

asked yesterday

Microsoft Management Console has stopped working

I'm trying to add snap into Microsoft Management Console in windows 10. But when I try to add certificate, an error message is coming with the header Microsoft Management Console has stopped working: ...

asked yesterday

Unity graphics glitch related to permanent virtual machine profile in Windows 10 [on hold]

The editor when opened After I hit play For my game programming class, I've been trying to use Unity, because I'm familiar with it and it's fairly easy to use. This year, however, some of the ...

asked yesterday

Create window without titlebar, with resizable border and without bogus 6px white stripe

I want a window without title bar but with resizable frames and shadow. This can easily be achieved by removing WS_CAPTION and adding WS_THICKFRAME, however, since Windows 10, there's a 6px white non-...

asked yesterday

Bluetooth LE on Windows 10 throws exception 0x80070572 on second connection attempt

I am using the Bluetooth Low Energy API on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 to connect to a custom Bluetooth LE device. I have to pair the device with Windows before connecting to it through my code, and it ...

asked yesterday

Inaccessible boot device [on hold]

I was installing ubuntu for dual bootable on windows 10, in the meantime I got issue on installing ubuntu and I did shutdown and then I got inaccessible boot device, laptop restart, tried to auto ...

asked yesterday